Floor & Roof Trusses – A Description

Somundy Enterprises offers customized roof and floor framing solutions to suit any building project or code requirement. Whether you’re building new or adding to an existing building, Somundy provides the best and most cost-effective roof and floor framing solution possible. Benefits such as non-combustibility, lightweight, strength, compatibility with traditional building methods and products, and super-efficient on-site installation are just a few smart reasons to consider Somundy Roof Framing Solutions.

Roof Trusses

Engineered and pre-assembled light weight steel roof trusses installed with great speed & simplicity. Somundy Enterprises roof truss solutions accommodate any residential or commercial roof style or geometry and provide added benefits that are inherent of steel frame construction. CLEAR SPANS UP TO 65 feet (20m)

«Open Web» Floor Trusses

Somundy designs, engineers and manufactures open web floor trusses to meet your specific needs and specifications according to the architectural plans. From simple span trusses to more complex continuous floor trusses, the use of floor trusses maximizes job efficiency while providing a cost effective alternative to steel beams and posts.

  • Reduced installation time
  • Wide Screwing surface for easy deck handling
  • Easy plumbing and electrical installation
  • Factory manufactured to exact specifications
  • Reduced HVAC installation costs
  • No column pads or posts
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