A description of Corrugated Steel Machine

Brief Introduction

This type of glazed tile has advantage including beautiful and classical appearance grace tasty,it is widely used in factory which looks like a park,tour spot, elegant buildings for landscaping purpose,hotel,exhibition, vocation village,family construction and outdoor decorate. This machine is composed of feed leading table,main forming machine,mould former device,cutting device,hydraulic station,computer control system and so on. Optional devices: normal holder,hydraulic holder,auto-stacker and discharge table.

Main parameter

  • Power of hydraulic station:3KW
  • Forming speed:approximately1.5-3m/min
  • Thickness range:0.3-0.7mm
  • Install size: 11000mm×1700mm×1600mm
  • Electrical system:PLC transducer control
  • Uncoil width:1250mm
  • Power of machine:4KW planet waving reducer
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