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The LSF System – A Description

The philosophy of the Somundy “LSF” construction system has been developed to carefully take in to consideration all steps of the constructive process. Let us describe our method of building; from the beginning when the foundation is poured up to completion, and the interior finish. Somundy Enterprise has thought of everything that would concern builders and consumers alike.

What is «LSF»?

Although «LSF» is a construction system known for being both light and open, where heavy equipment is not required for its application; while allowing virtually any form of finishing on both the exterior and interior walls. This latest evolution is nothing more than the continuous development of «Balloon Framing» that has been used in the United States for years for its wooden structures.

To understand what «LSF» (Light Steel Framing) we must first define the concept of «framing» since it is the action of really putting all this together. As well as «Balloon Framing» is a system that uses profiles that are all the height of the wall of the building, the floor beams being fixed laterally to the profiles. Although these methods are effective results in shorter distances then it could be granted with a direct load on the top of the walls, «Balloon Framing» has been used for many years in the construction of commercial buildings and homes. Whereas the quality and price of wood fluctuate, they tend to remain constant for steel and light are just two additional reasons that contribute to the growing demand for «LSF». «LSF» is different from traditional construction methods in many aspects already mentioned.

The key to understanding the «LSF» is in the versatility of construction, flexibility, comfort for construction, saving energy, time and resources as well as helping the environment by recycling galvanized steel by 60%.




Soil System

Exterior Walls



Attic and Ceiling


Interior Walls

Kitchens and Bathrooms


Electrical Lighting

Floors and Stairs

Refrigeration and Heating

Windows and Doors

Interior Decoration

Rolling machine tools to work

Somundy Enterprises and the Somundy Group of companies have been working in the construction sector for more than 20 years. These years have provided us with the time to develop and acquire valuable practical experience and apply it to the manufacture of quality roll forming machines and products. We manufacture a wide variety of laminating machines that are ideal for the increasingly popular «LSF» system.

Our staff continuously devotes their time and effort to research and development, which has contributed significantly to the promotion of quality products, compliance with international standards, as well as achieving a considerable market share in domestic and foreign markets . Through this research, development, trial and error we have been able to develop a single profiling machine capable of producing 8 structural profiles (4 “C” or “M” and 4 “U”), as well as 2 “L” additional shaped profiles. For the first time there is a single machine that is capable of producing all the necessary profiles in the construction of an “LSF” structure of up to 6 floors height.