Operations Manual

Once your new company has been established and contracts signed, proper dissemination of information can begin. The first step in the process is receiving the Somundy Operations Manual. Our manual incorporates all the necessary information required for the proper functioning of your new steel structure factory.


  • The materials used in the “LSF” system 8 hours.
  • The construction process 16 hours.
  • Planning and “enlistment” your 8-hour project.
  • Estimates 24 hours 8 hours.
  • Marketing and sale of Technique.
  • Training in machinery and equipment 24 – 48 hours     

     Other Services:

Somundy is able to offer a variety of additional services to our representatives such as stability calculations and thermal / acoustic insulation, printing of business cards and all stationery, signage work site, brochures and other forms of print advertising must conform and comply with The approval of Somundy Enterprises.

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