Panelized Construction – A Description

A panelized construction system means that the entire structure of the home or other type of building is completed within the walls of the factory. The walls of your project are made in our factories developed in large sections or panels and when they are completed they are sent to the work site for assembly. Our panels are designed so that they can quickly connect with each other to complete the project structure, and when combined with our roofing systems allows you to have a completely closed and safe working environment in a few days. A paneled house offers a high quality interior and exterior of your home. However all paneled houses must comply with the strictest regional building codes, as a result, they are generally better made than those required by local building codes.

When required and to save valuable time, doors and windows with PVC or vinyl insulation can also be pre-installed at this point. Ceiling beams are supplied for models with vaulted ceilings. Likewise, the floor framing consists of Steel Joist or Floor Trusses, covered with an 18 mm OSB subfloor, blocking and joist supports. Finally The floor frame can be supplied in the kit or panelized. The exterior doors are primed with insulated metal in a design that conforms to the architectural style of the house.

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