Kit Panels – A Description

By combining these panels you can quickly build a house or another building that is light and extremely resistant. Ready to accept any type of exterior cladding that you would use with traditional construction, such as cladding, stucco, brick and stone. The rough openings for doors and windows can be incorporated into the design during the assembly process, so that all aspects of the projects can be accommodated with our panel set. Likewise, the poles come with pre-perforated openings to allow an easy installation of the electrical wiring, which will not have any inconvenience.

Customer Services

Somundy local representatives can provide technical assistance on the spot. As well as a detailed set of drawings and an assembly manual is provided to facilitate the assembly. For an additional fee, Somundy Enterprises can provide engineering equipment to meet these needs on a case-by-case basis.


The kit of the panels are only sheathed on the site, generally all the interior walls, and the inner side of the exterior walls is covered with drywall; normally 15 mm. However, the exterior walls can be covered with any facade that the client wishes.

Panel Specs

Somundy «Kit Panels» are manufactured in 2 standard sizes; 120cm x 240cm and 120cm x 260cm. Both the studs are used in our «Kit Panels» are manufactured from 1.50mm Light Weight Galvanized Steel coils with a galvanization rating of Z-275.

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