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Infill panels - Somundy

The filler panel kit consists of a set of cutting panels supplied to the contractor at the site. The contractor installs the steel members of the Filling Panel to enclose the building up to six times faster than traditional masonry. The Somundy system allows 25 mm of the track to annul the structure and a minimum of 75 mm or more is fixed to it. In this way the operators can work more easily scissor lifts avoiding the construction of scaffolding in this initial stage.

For the detail of the deflection head of the filler panel Somundy uses an R.A.T. which functions as a support for the deflection head. The reason for the trajectory of the heavier head is to do better against any lateral load that can be forced into the wall by the brick or the wind. Also in the upper part has a friction adjustment which is screwed with round head screws.

Our infill panel is supplied in four different finishes:

  • Structure panel with OSB Sheathing, «Tyvek» and wire mesh (for Stucco).
  • Structure panel with OSB sheathing and EIFS finishing.created panel with OSB coating and EIFS finishing.
  • Plain panel Structure (Ready for Brick facing).
  • Structure panel with OSB sheathing.