Somundy Enterprises offers a “one stop shop” where you can provide everything you need, whether your needs are simply a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction, or a variety of production equipment (tables of panelization, floor truss, roof truss and modular construction) or a roll forming machine to produce its own steel profiles (“C”/“U” and “M”) as well as several machines capable of producing all the components you would need rib lath, steel roof tiles, and many other products.

Somundy Enterprises is also able to put everything together and offer our customers the complete package; a fully functional factory that not only produces its unique light steel frame members, rib lath and other materials as needed, but is also capable of maintaining an industrialized production line for both panelized and modular construction. We not only provide the fundamental knowledge of the industry, but we also provide machines for the production of steel products as well as a wide variety of modular tables and production equipment.

“Somundy Enterprises is what you were looking for”.

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